It’s Do Or Die

Marketing has been around forever. You have to have a story to tell your prospect. The first cave man who tried to trade a tomato for an egg had to have a story. The goal is to tell the story right way at the right time and transform your prospect into a client.

The change is not in the message but the method. When your customer changes the way he listens you have to change the way you transmit your message. Traditional marketing can still be an effective way of promoting your business. But, the world of broadcast and print has gone the way of the horse and buggy! Sure, you can still use a horse and buggy to get around. After all, look at the Amish.  But, if you’re going to stay in business, you will need to adapt to the modern consumers ever changing media behavior. Websites, blogging, social media, viral videos and mobile applications are just a few of the platforms available to today’s media savvy consumer. Your customer is out there, and you need to be there, too!

If you are still marketing your business the old-fashioned way, you’re throwing your message into the public arena and hoping the “right people” see it. Inbound marketing is designing a message that only the right people would be interested in, and then helping them find it.

Roughly 70% of all buying decisions begin on the internet. Internet users search over 10 billion times per month! Over 500 million people connect to one another in the social networks.  51% of Facebook fans and 67% of Twitter followers indicate that they are more likely to buy a product after connecting with that product online.

Don’t abandon something that’s been working for you and your business just because some hot new thing comes along.  Integrate your online and offline campaigns, and integrate cohesive online campaigns across social networks to get the most bang for your buck. All the large corporations are adapting to the changing marketing landscape.  Your company needs to do so also. Let us help you with your Inbound Marketing efforts. Call or click today

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