Inbound Marketing – Cutting Through the Clutter

Integrated Marketing, Internet Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Web Sites, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Conversions, PPC, ROI . . .  What are you to do? If you think about it – about ten years ago marketing was all about Yellow Pages, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, TV and telephone! But marketing has always been about getting leads! Every business is about one thing – selling your product or service to someone in return for cash! In order to do that you must have leads, to have leads you must advertise.

The latest buzzword in advertising is Integrated Marketing Communications. As defined by Wikipedia it is, “the coordination and integration of all marketing communication tools, avenues, functions and sources within a company into a seamless program that maximizes the impact on consumers and other end users at a minimal cost.”   As a company you must consider your options. You cannot be everywhere you would like to be, but you must be where your customers are. Traditional marketing venues are not where the majority of your customers are! They may read a newspaper or an industry magazine occasionally but getting a journalist to write a press release and putting you in the paper doesn’t get you clients any more. Consumers do watch a little TV.  But the majority is watching a DVD or the Tivoed program they recorded last night. When the phone rings and the TV screen says the call is from a telemarketer they get up, but not to answer the phone! They go to the fridge for another drink.  And while listening to the radio on the way home from work, will they remember who you are when they get home?

Wikipedia explains that Integrated Marketing Communications “includes internet marketing, sponsorship marketing, direct marketing, database marketing and public relations.” Wikipedia continues to explain that changes in the marketing and advertising industry have turned Integrated Marketing Communications into a primary strategy for marketers. Among those changes are the multiple forms of communication available to marketers and the round the clock Internet access to goods and services. Case in point, a search on Google for almost any product will yield a broad range of content, including news, shopping feeds, paid advertising and social media results.

  • Roughly 70% of all buying decisions begin on the internet
  • Internet users search over 10 billion times per month!
  • Over 500 million people connect to one another in the social networks
  • 51% of Facebook fans and 67% of Twitter followers have indicated that they are more likely to buy a product after connecting with that product online.

When a user goes online looking for your product, where are you?

Outbound Marketing, the things you did ten years ago (remember when you paid $1500.00 monthly for a Yellow Page ad) does not work as well as it once did! When people think about buying a product they go to blogs / search engines / or follow their friends advice on social networking. Inbound marketing is the process of leveraging all of these areas in order to make sure that your company is being found in all the places that people are looking to make purchasing decisions today. Click here to find out more about how Inbound Marketing can work for you.

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