An Introduction to Search Engine Marketing

The Internet has changed the way people do business! By some estimates as much as 98% of business-to-business buying decisions are begun with a search on the Internet. It has become necessary for businesses to become more and more connected with their customers through the Internet via website interaction as well as social media marketing. If you’re going to remain competitive you’re going to need to be found on the Internet through the search engine. But more importantly once you get the visitor to your website he/she needs to be turned into a lead and then converted into a paying customer.

Search Engine Optimization is all about being found on the search engines. But no return on investment can be gleaned from being found on the first few pages of Google due to an obscure keyword search. Search Engine Marketing is all about using the Internet to convert traffic into cash and includes search engine optimization as well as pay per click advertising, banner advertising, e-mail marketing, interactive advertising, social media marketing and even affiliate marketing. It must also include a continual measuring and improving business performance, advertising campaigns, organic search engine results and ranking positions with the goal of constantly improving traffic and gaining new customers.

Search Engine Marketing is what SERP Solutions is all about.  My goal is to help you make the most of your Internet marketing dollar. Click here if you’re interested in soliciting  help in marketing your website. Meanwhile, over the next couple of weeks I’ll be adding articles geared towards helping you turn your website into a marketing machine.

There are basically two types of search results: organic (natural) results and paid results. We’ll begin discussing organic optimization. There are things you need to do on your webpage to give the search engines the right clues to help them understand what your website is about. There are steps you need to take to optimize the “visible” parts of your webpage. There is also an “invisible” area of your webpage which also requires a little TLC.

I’ll also write about your need to acquire links from other websites. Each link from a trustworthy website is considered a vote of confidence in your website. There are dos and don’ts involved in generating  inbound links.  Starting a blog is a great way to create links to your site.  Submitting your site to various directories, blogging about it, discussing it on forums and article submission are all great ways to generate back links. There are also certain things you need to do to keep from being blacklisted by the search engines. We’ll discuss those also.

I’ll also talk about paid results. The best known method of acquiring paid results use Google’s AdWords. Yahoo and Bing also offer paid ad programs and there are others that you might want to know about. Organic ranking takes some time to achieve. A lot of companies utilize paid ads to get immediate exposure while waiting on organic ranking.

Social marketing is big in the news, too. Using Facebook, twitter and Linked In properly can cultivate a lot of interest in your website.  The more interest you get in your website – the more visitors you can turn into customers.

And the key to it all is Web analytics.  I’ll discuss how to track your traffic sources, locate problems and make improvements in your site’s structure or a particular page to keep your site working at maximum performance.

My goal is to increase your profit by Search Engine Marketing,  optimizing your site so that it not only ranks high on the SERPs, but also converts as many visitors as possible into paying customers. So, come back often comment as you can and contact SERP Solutions if you need help marketing your web on the Internet.

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