Search Engine Marketing and Web Analytics

Google is watching the way people search and taking notice. By watching the types and nature of searches in given areas as well as individual searches, Google has begun to deliver different results to searchers based both on their location and on what they have searched for before.  Behavior-based searches are delivering different results to different searchers. Two searchers in different areas of the country or even different areas of a large city may get different results for the same query.

This is causing no small quandary to search engine marketers. All of our clients want to be number one on the SERPs, but the things we’ve done in the past to make you number one, are not necessarily the things we are going to need to do in the future.  The real objective of search engine marketing is to improve or increase the profitability of our clients. Therefore, it is becoming more and more necessary for us to capitalize on ROI instead of rankings.

In order to help you make money our search engine marketing efforts must revolve around getting traffic to your site and helping those people convert from being visitors to becoming your customers.  Doing so requires us to use web analytics to  look at a lot of factors. The things that have been looked at in the past to help gain rank for sites on the Internet need to be looked at, but sites need to be optimized well for the user as well as the search engines. Simply put, what good is it for your website to rank first or second on Google for a word that people aren’t buying? More importantly, what if that keyword or term is ranking high in one area and not ranking at all in another? Web analytics can help us alleviate this problem!

Our goal at SERP Solutions is to add your website to your sales cycle. This is not an easy or fast process. Turning your website into your very best sales person requires a lot of work. We first target those users who are interested in purchasing your product or service and direct them to your site. We then provide them with a call to action. The user needs to be asked to complete a contact form, a newsletter subscription, a registration form or even directed to a product page. All of your traffic and user conduct can then be measured.

Whatever we can measure we can improve. Utilizing advanced web analytics we can measure traffic, bounce rates, action and conversion. We can determine where your users are coming from and how often they drop in. We can measure where they are going on your site, what they did when they got there and how long they stayed. Then we can tweak your site, getting visitors to stay longer and giving you an opportunity to sell them.

Face it, while it may be nice to rank number one with Google wouldn’t it be even better to get more customers in the process? Contact SERP Solutions – Atlanta SEO for more information.

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