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Search engine marketing? I don’t know if I’m being bold or crazy but I’m gonna  date myself. So here goes;

I remember the Commodore 64, the Radioshack Trash 80, the IBM XT, DOS and  Basic. I remember before there was a public Internet when I built bulletin boards on 286 clones reachable by dialup with 14.4 kb modems. I remember the 386, 486, math co-processors and 28.8 kb modems. Then there came the 33.6 when we thought we had maxed out.  But then came the 56K and we we’re lightnin’ fast.

I remember CompuServe, AOL, Windows 3.1, Visual Basic, Windows 95, 98, Millennium and 2000.  Can you tell I’m a Windows fan? I also remember Netscape navigator and the browser wars and the introduction of tables and frames in HTML before there was CSS; and wishing I could afford T1 and settling for direct connection on my 56KB modem so I could set up my first site on my own machine, before DSL or cable.

So I suppose you’re wondering, what does all this have to do with search engine marketing. Well, not much other than to illustrate that I have seen a lot come and go on the World Wide Web. I remember when submitting your URL to 2000 search engines meant something. I remember when you used to write content and articles for your own site and when press releases were issued through newspapers. I remember when search engine optimization primarily revolved around making sure all your words were spelled right and you were submitted to Yahoo. Of course that’s when there were a few hundred thousand pages on the Internet instead of trillions!

Now we have SEO, SEM, IM, social networking, e-mail campaigns, affiliate, banner ads, pay per click, adwords, link marketing, article marketing, press releases Web analytics, and on and on and on…  What is one to do to get his message in front of those who are searching for one’s product? It only gets worse when you search on any of the engines for any of the aforementioned titles and receive 1,245,367,356 results with just as many suggestions. Then you do a search for “what does SEO cost?” and get 1000 results ranging from $25 per month to $80,000 per year.

It might actually be worth paying $10,000 a year for search engine marketing to get a $500,000 return on your investment but how many small businesses can afford $10,000 a year, especially in today’s economy? It is my contention however that many small business persons might be interested and willing to do some their own optimization work if they only knew what to do. Therefore I am proposing a search engine marketing workshop designed to give business owners, marketers, web designers, and others who have a need to know, an overview of what you need to know.

Search engine marketing is part art, part science and part luck. One thing it is not is rocket science! There is much that can be done by intelligent individuals who wish to place their website in the crosshairs of those who are searching for them. What they need is someone who can point them in the proper direction.

If you need help in learning some of the things that can be done in-house to improve your search engine ratings give me a call. We’ll take a look at your site and see if we can help you in understand the how’s, why’s and wherefore’s of search engines and Internet marketing hopefully providing an understanding of where to spend your Internet marketing dollars and how.

You could learn something!

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