SEO / SEM Takes Time!

Search Engine Marketing does not yield instantaneous results. Everyone wants instant! From coffee to fast food to sod, we want it now!  If you want instant clients from internet traffic you need to use a properly crafted PPC campaign. If you do not want get locked into spending thousands month after month you need to hire a firm to market your company on the internet but, you need to count on using them for six months to a year.

There really are some unscrupulous SEO firms out there that only want to take your money.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to spend other people’s money but if you don’t give me time to properly market your business neither of us will be around long.

In his recent post “How to be a Great SEO Client”  Nick Stamoulis of Brick Marketing  states, “SEO is not a fast moving advertising medium. Things take time to move around in the search results so if you don’t see things happening right away it is ok. If you are just starting off and you plan on relying on your search engine optimization for business things might take a little while especially if you are in a competitive space.”

You may not see the work or the results immediately but they will happen.  There are three main areas of work that we need to do:

A.  Architecture.  Most site owners do not realize that their site needs to be set designed for everyone but themselves. It needs to be interesting and useful for your readers as well as accessible to the search engines. Proper keyword optimization is key to and every page needs to be optimized for the search engines.  Keyword research, meta tag optimization and keyword focused pages and links will may get you indexed properly, but alone will not get you high rankings on the serps.

B.  Backlinks. After optimizing your site we then need to work on getting links back to your site. This is mandatory to getting high rankings. More links result in more trust and authority and higher rankings. Blogging, posting your site on search directories, writing articles and content marketing all take time. This is a process that needs to continue or you will never be ranked high in the SE’s

C.  Content. The third thing that we need to do is get fresh content on your site. The static site disappears quickly. Your site needs to be constantly evolving and offering content to your users which results in their wanting to return. We need to entice others to link to your site and tell other potential clients about you. Social networking may not increase your rankings but can definitely increase your traffic.

Here’s the thing. You can continuously spending money on PPC when only 17% of searchers click on the links. Or you can take the time necessary to get noticed in organic traffic where everyone else clicks.  If anyone has advises you to drop organic and just go PPC, you can rest assured that in the long run you will spend a lot more on PPC than organic.

If you want immediate traffic spend some money on PPC.  But dont throw in the towel early on Search Engine Marketing.  You will not only waste your money but you will not help your business. My suggestion, split it up – lets do some of both. Contact us today. Our goal is to help you make money!

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