Social Media does not drive Traffic

In the last few years social media seemed to move to the front of online marketing strategies for many small businesses. Some small business owners are rethinking that strategy. A recent study shows social media marketing to be popular among small business owners but not critical to their business. Only 12% of business owners surveyed consider social media a “must.”

Small Business Social Marketing


When it comes to driving traffic to your website, content sites and Google outrank social networking sites, like twitter and Facebook, by a comfortable margin.  According to a study done by a company called Outbrain, 56% of referrals come from content sites, 37% from search engines, while social provides somewhere around 7%.

Most people seem to look at tweets or post with links as a sales pitch. Apparently, people don’t want to leave the comfort of twitter and Facebook.

Google still provides the largest share of external traffic to content pages at 68%. Bing came in at 14% and Yahoo came in at 16%.


So, what is the lesson to  a small Business Owner? First. Social is good if you have time and can break into a niche. But don’t forget your Web Site. Only a properly optimized site can draw traffic and convert that traffic to customers.

Second. Go Mobile! Mobile traffic is the next big thing!


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