QR Codes: Smart Business way to use Smartphones

Quick Response – “QR” – codes are those funny looking boxes we see everywhere. We get them in the mail box  and on business cards. We can find them on wine bottles and on store front displays. Scan that little square box with your smart phone and you can find all kinds of surprises. You might be rewarded with a coupon or a video. You could find a business card or a mobile website catalog! You could be led to a mobile-friendly landing page with Facebook like buttons. QR codes can also make a phone call!


QR codes are two-dimensional matrix bar codes that can hold thousands of characters of information. Consumers want immediate access to relevant information and QR codes make granting their request easy and possible.


Your business, no matter how large or small, can get great mileage out of QR codes. And they are like the potato chips – you can’t use just one! Add them to print ads, flyers, posters, business cards. You can use them on billboards, websites, brochures and even tee shirts. Qr codes can be used on labeling and storefront displays. Use QR codes to get Likes and Follows. Send people to your email sign-up and build you email subscriber list. Use them to get the phone to ring!


And don’t think your clients wont scan them. Its not just the teens who are using smart phones these days. Recent information shows that the average age of a smart phone buyer is mid fourtyish! These are busy people.They use their phones at home, on the go, at work, and running errands. They use their smart-phones research businesses and products, make reservations and purchase just about everything. Adding a QR code to your marketing plan makes it easier for them to buy from you!


SERP Solutions has launched a Mobile Marketing plan that includes QR code generation, SMS text messaging and quick and easy mobile web site implementation, to boot!!


Click on the “Mobile Marketing” link on the menu bar above…


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or dial #250 on your mobile phone and say locamobile for more information

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