Optimizing your Google Places Page

Google Maps has always been a great tool for exploring. Google added satellite views and made the map even more entertaining. When Google and its street view to maps it became a place where you could spend the day traveling the world while never leaving your desk. From the panoramic view of the Coliseum in Rome to the drive across the Golden Gate Bridge or a walk around Times Square in New York, Google maps with ‘street view’ became a great adventure.

Then Google added Places. A Google place page is a web page for every place in the world, at least every place Google could find information on. By clicking on a place page the user can get more information about the place. This is where Google places became a great boon for businesses. Because of Places, a business owner could easily be found on Google Maps.

Google Places PageUntil just a few months ago a user had to go to Google Maps to find this information. But now Google has added Place Pages to its SERP’s. When you run a search on Google and include any type of location information you’ll now notice a map with links to Place Pages which represent Google’s response to your search. Over the last several months Google has been tweaking these pages and has begun to merge its organic results with its Places results. What this means to the small business owner is that he or she needs to make sure that their Place page has been claimed and contains accurate, authoritative and recent information about your business.

When your Google places listing is optimized properly, your business listing can appear on the first page of Google. By using citations and reviews your Google places page will move up in ranking. And we all know that the number one and number two spots on Google get all the traffic. Using Google Places you can include links to your web site, information on your products and services. You can even include coupons which your customers can print out and use when they visit your location. But that’s not all…

Currently over one third of Americans own smart phones! Google tells us that almost 50% of its Places searches are done via mobile applications. mobile pageThis is great news for businesses because mobile optimized search results are easier to see. They are less cluttered because they are optimized for smaller screens. Users can also use ‘Click to call’ and ‘Click to map’ buttons optimized for touch devices. With a single tap of the phone number they can call your business. With a single tap of the map button, the device will display a map while the GPS function will tell the user how to get to your place of business. There are also dozens of interesting things you can do on a smart phone to promote your business.

Google’s recent shift in emphasis to local search results means that there has never been a better time to focus on your own online marketing effort. If you have not already begun to do so there is no better time than now. We at SERP Solutions are offering a free Google Places Optimization consultation.  Call 770-498-9933  or click here to email us to find our how we can help maximize your profits through your internet presence.

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