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I have a friend who is thinking of going to work for a social media marketing agency. He asked me what services I offer that he might be able to market as well. The following is my reply. I thought it would make a good post on this blog.


Social media consulting is one of the new trends in what I call “Inbound Marketing”. Social media marketing is definitely needed in today’s marketplace, but I have noticed that most of the companies that offer those services charge way to much for what they do. It sells, but I have never seen the ROI meet the investment. I prefer to offer a service to help a business owner set up his social media and then teach him how to use those services. No one can keep up a social network like a business owner, because no one knows his business like he does.


It’s kinda like the guys who do pay per click marketing for businesses. Most of them are in it only for themselves. I had one of the PPC clients tell me that they spent over $4000 on PPC in 6 months and got nothing in return. When I asked it the company had created a proper landing page for them they had no idea. I spoke with one of the PPC reps at a network meeting the other day. I asked if they build the landing pages for their clients or had someone else do it. His response was, “We don’t need no landing pages!”  If you ever read anything on Google on running their ad words package, they require a properly optimized landing page, or the client pays way too much for their ads. I also offer PPC management but I do it at a percent of ad spend.


As for my other services; I build properly optimized web pages and offer internet marketing services designed to get a company on the front of the search engines and keep them there. Once a client gets to page one we begin to work on conversion. It doesn’t matter that you are number one on Google if people aren’t buying. There are a number of processes necessary to accomplish this so I work on a fee basis. I do have a pricing structure but do not offer a set pricing schedule. (you can find the structure on the web site listed below)  A set pricing schedule requires that I do ‘x for y’. Or ‘2x for 2y’. I work off of a retainer, this way if a company needs ‘a + b’, or ‘c and 1 x,’ I can provide the services he needs to get the job done.


In the past 6 months I have added mobile marketing to the mix. Everyone is swapping in their flip phones for smart phones. 1 in 3 Americans own one. 45% of families with over 75k income have one. 45% of all Americans under 45 have one, as do 50% of their children.  1 in 3 searches on Google is done on a smart phone and more wireless devices were sold last year than desk tops and laptops. If a company has no mobile strategy today – they have no marketing strategy.


I offer two kinds of mobile services. 1) I build mobile web sites. Web sites look completely different on a smart phone. Most people who search on a smart phone are looking for something fast. If you have it, you better give it to them fast – or they will go somewhere else. 2) I also offer SMS text messaging services. SMS, dollar for dollar, offers more bang for the buck than any type of advertizing created at any time in marketing history!!!


I started doing this long ago. I have attempted to keep up over the years with technology and internet marketing practices. I have others whom I use to help me who are proficient in some of the services I offer as well as some to whom I outsource specific services. Therefore I can stay ahead of any work you can send my way.


I have several sites to which you can refer: is my web design site. I do most of my web design from word of mouth referrals so I haven’t spent a lot of time in upkeep on that site but it does show a portfolio of some of the sites I have done. is my SEM site. There is a blog attached at I haven’t spent a lot of time on it is the past six months or so, because I have been working on my mobile business.


My mobile site is  There I offer mobile services from mobile web page design to SMS to Geo-Fencing. Now that is a killer ap. Using triangulation technology we can send a message from a business to a customer whenever the customer gets within a predefined distance of the business location. I call it smart-bomb technology!


I also have two new products so fresh I haven’t been able to build pages yet. One is for auto dealerships, the other is for realtors.


The Internet has changed marketing to a wonderful degree! Keeping up with everything that is going on and how it can affect your business is hard work and takes a lot of time and research. If you as a small business are looking for someone who can help you through all the tangle that has become the web – feel free to give me a call.

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